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The Inspiration Behind 3MB3R (and All of Inspired Products)

Posted on August 02 2018

You Inspire us. It's true, and we're reminded of that every day when we see the Inspired logo blasted across our products and clothes.

You Inspire us to a commitment, to make the best products in the world for the most demanding customers in the world. To make the best, for the best…for you! It’s a commitment we take very seriously. And its the driving force behind the new 3MB3R.

With 3MB3R, we listened to you. After all…you want to lose fat right? Yeah, we do too! But, you also want to build and tone lean muscle right? Same here!

And that’s exactly why we are so proud to introduce the new 3MB3R! Finally, a product that can help you lose fat and build lean muscle at the exact same time! That may seem like a bold claim, but it's totally true.

So what's in 3MB3R that let's us make that claim? Let's dig in (if you don’t care about the science, skip to the bottom of the page).

The Truth Matrix

L- carnitine-l-tartrate is a compound that supports athletic performance and improves cognition. An optimal level of L-carnitine is required for the body to maintain an ideal lean muscle to body fat ratio, but not all forms of L-carnitine are created equal.

Inspired chose L-carnitine-l-tartrate for its ability to not only burn fat, but improve recovery from exercise as well. More specifically, a recent study showed LCLT reduces the amount of exercise-induced muscle tissue damage in resistance trained subjects. [1]

In the same study, LCLT also enhanced IGF1 production. This is important since IGF-1 works to help lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. This can help you burn fat even on a higher carb diet. What’s more, IGF-1 is also an effective lean muscle building agent.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha® effectively reduces cortisol, limiting the damaging effects of physical and mental stress on natural hormone function.

You've probably heard the saying that stress kills, and the stress hormone cortisol is a big reason why. Cortisol can wreak havoc on your hormonal system, sabotaging your results, and your health.

Excessive cortisol can lead to poor cognitive function, fatigue, impaired recovery from exercise, reduced thyroid function, low testosterone, weight gain, poor sleep and a host of other negative conditions.

Simply put, excess cortisol can wreck your fat loss goals by wrecking your health!

By limiting cortisol, KSM-66 restores balance to your thyroid and adrenal glands, thereby optimizing natural hormone levels so that your body burns fat and functions the way that it was meant to. [3]

Dandelion Extract is a plant that acts as a potent diuretic, meaning it helps rid the body of extra water. Dandelion may help promote weight loss.

Cocoa Extract (Theobroma cacao/Cocoabuterol®) is derived from natural Cocoa. Theobroma is a xanthine compound that is present in cocoa beans. It's one of the reasons that chocolate is said to improve mood.

Studies indicate that it enhances mood, and boosts mental focus and energy. Theobroma also compliments the other ingredients in 3MB3R perfectly due to its ability to dilate blood vessels for better blood flow and widening of the airways for enhanced respiratory function. [4] This leads to better performance during high intensity exercise, making it the perfect pre-cardio ingredient!

Gamma-Butyrobetaine Hydrochloride (GBB) is a molecule that helps the body create more L-Carnitine (a compound that increases the mitochondria’s capability to burn fat). GBB improves nitric oxide levels, elevates blood flow, and increases sweating, which makes it an optimal ingredient in fat burners. [5]


Too Litty Blend

A large part of of your weight loss success is mental. What I mean is, food causes certain feel good neurotransmitters to be released in your brain. Similar to other pleasurable experiences, this is what can make eating the wrong foods feel so gratifying.

The Too Litty Blend has been designed to stimulate the release of these feel good neurotransmitters so that you are in a positive, energized mood, free from temptations and cravings, and free to focus on your results!

What's included in the Too Litty Blend:

Choline Bitartrate is a molecule with cognitive boosting properties that helps increase mental focus and attention.

Methylliberine (Dynamine™) is a naturally occurring constituent of kucha tea. A novel, next-generation nutraceutical, Dynamine is a derivative of caffeine that crosses the blood brain barrier more efficiently than caffeine.

Dynamine has a longer half-life than caffeine due to its ability to efficiently block adenosine receptors, increasing circulating adenosine. This is key because the body responds by releasing more epinephrine, leading to a longer lasting energy with no crash.

Dynamine is also cholinergic, meaning it increases acetylcholine production in the brain. In this manner, Dynamine enhances mental focus, memory, and cognition.

Caffeine is desirable due to its role as an adrenergic agonist. This means caffeine stimulates the production of epinephrine (adrenaline) for increased energy, mental focus, and delayed time to exhaustion.

Caffeine increases the production of neurotransmitters that promote improved mood and sense of well being. [6] It has also been shown to work synergistically with Dynamine and synephrine to enhance fat loss.

Synephrine HCL and Higenamine HCL are two well-known compounds in the sports supplement industry. You may have heard of the ECA stack. If not, ECA refers to the Ephedrine, Caffeine stack which achieved legendary status for its fat burning effects.

Like ephedrine, synephrine and higenamine are beta-agonists. [7][8] This means that by stimulating the same beta receptors in the body as ephedrine, synephrine and higenamine help increase metabolic rate, increase caloric expenditure (burn fat) and elevate energy levels.

Rauwolscine (Alpha-Yohimbine) is an alpha2 receptor antagonist (a-2 blocker). Simply put, a2 receptors shut down lipolysis (fat burning), but Alpha Yohimbe blocks these receptors, which then helps burn stubborn fat. [9]

N-methyl-Tyramine HCL is another alpha2 receptor antagonist like Alpha-Yohimbine. Think of Alpha Yohimbine and N-Methyl-Tyramine as an amplifying duo for the other stimulants in 3MB3R. [10]


Topping It All Off

Topping off the 3MB3R formula is a B-vitamin blend and chromium picolinate.

B-vitamins (niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid) are micronutrients that aid in energy production and muscle building/repair. According to research at Oregon State University, active individuals lacking in B-vitamins may perform worse during high-intensity exercise and have a decreased ability to repair and build muscle. Think of these B-vitamins as insurance policy on performance! [10]

Chromium helps lower blood sugar and assist with carbohydrate metabolism. A multitude of studies have shown positive outcomes from supplementation including reduced blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, all of which are key health markers! [11]


Powder Up!

Look, While everyone claims to have the best fat burner on the market, Inspired delivers. But in order to make the best, for the best, 3MB3R is so much more than just a fat burner - 3MB3R optimizes every facet of your performance!

So, if you are ready to experience:

  • A positive euphoric mood boost
  • Clean, all day energy with zero crash outside the gym
  • Better performance during the gym
  • More fat loss during training
  • No more cravings
  • Improved carbohydrate metabolism
  • Better performance during workouts
  • Better recovery after workouts
  • Increased lean muscle mass

Then you are ready to powder up with 3MB3R! And, of course, we always formulate our products to work together to enhance one another. That means that when we formulated 3MB3R, we designed it to stack synergistically with Kor for maximum fat burning.

What we like to do at Inspired is take serving of Kor In the morning, and then take 3MB3R before workouts in the early afternoon. Or, for those of us who workout early, 3MB3R before your workout and then Kor in the early afternoon.

Since we're super stoked for you to get leaner and stronger with the new 3MB3R formula, we want to offer you an amazing deal.

Pick up the new 3MB3R now and start leaning out now for only $45* with code FIRE45 (valid until 8/3/18 11:59 PM MT).

Or, pick up Kor and the new 3MB3R to burn maximum fat for only $76* with coupon code FIREDUO (valid until 8/3/18 11:59 PM MT). 

*Price does not included shipping, taxes, or other applicable charges.



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