Top 5 Brands Of 2015: Inspired Nutraceuticals in at number five

November 26, 2016

On January 4, 2016, named Inspired Nutraceuticals the Top 5th Brand of 2015! We'd like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Below is the blog post, or you can view the original post by clicking this link:

The first name on our list of top 5 brands of 2015, coming in at 5th is Inspired Nutraceuticals. While you may be thinking the brand is young, small, and didn’t do a lot last year. From where we were standing we didn’t see Inspired do a single thing wrong. It did promotions at all the right times, revealed and released new supplements and flavors, with all of those supplements proving to be either creative or at least worth taking an interest in.

For us the story of Inspired in 2015 didn’t start until April, which was when we first posted about the brand. It had a compact line up of products, with its pre-workout DVST8 quickly getting our attention. Fortunately for us it wasn’t too long after that introduction we got to actually try the pre-workout, and were pleased to discover it was everything we hoped it would be. Sadly it was around the time we got to try the supplement that AMP citrate was on its way out.

Because of the AMP drama we decided just to share an exclusive coupon Inspired gave us, and let everyone know DVST8 was well worth investing in. After that post we were basically bombarded with questions about how good the product was, so eventually we posted our review. In short the pre-workout ticked all the right boxes, bringing together a powerful combination of energy, pump, intensity and focus that rivaled a lot of our top 10 supplements at the time.

Despite Inspired reformulating DVST8 shortly after we posted our review, the attention around it didn’t stop. Following the brand’s switch of AMP citrate for TeaCrine and Noopept, it also introduced another flavor for the product. It was Inspired’s peach mango recipe California Gold that officially made it three flavors for DVST8, joining the originals Strawberry Splash and Pineapple Express.

As exciting as all the DVST8 action was, Inspired made its biggest splash in and around the middle of the year. Between the months of June and September fans were treated to an 18 item clothing collection, the packed out fat burner Ember, and the fermented, non-GMO vegan amino formula Inspired BCAA. The two supplements separated by a couple of months are definitely what pushed the brand into our top 5 of the year, as they were both creative, well put together, and spaced out enough to keep us consistently interested in Inspired.



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