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Shredded Anabolic Stack (Kor)

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Your Goal: To be as lean as possible while not losing one ounce of muscle, strength, or performance. After all, looking amazing and performing optimally can go hand in hand.

What's Included in the Shredded Anabolic Stack: KOR + CR3 + LGND

KOR Thermo Complex: Multi-pathway fat loss. An increased metabolic rate and a euphoric, positive energy will have you feeling and performing great, while melting fat 24/7.

CR3 Beyond Creatine: Get the scientifically-proven benefits of creatine without excess water retention. Stay lean, dry, and shredded while getting stronger every day.

LGND Elite Muscle Potentiator: The ultimate in natural performance optimization and fat loss. Myostatin inhibition to help build serious lean muscle. The ingredients in LGND work synergistically to naturally reduce cortisol, and balance thyroid and anabolic hormones. Get bronchial dilation for improved oxygen efficiency and better athletic performance as well as enhanced fat loss.

How to Use:

  • Take KOR in the morning to kickstart fat burning and energize you for the day. 
  • Take CR3 pre-training. If you do more than one training session per day, take CR3 before resistance training.
  • Take LGND pre-training. If you train once per day, take two pills 30-45 minutes or so before training. If you train twice per day, take one pill before each training session.

The Results: A lean, athletic body that performs as well as it looks.