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BCAA Samples (3 Servings)


Muscle Building • Recovery • Hydration

Plant-based aminos designed to help you preserve lean muscle mass, recover quicker, and replenish vital minerals lost during training.

These sample packs (3 servings) allows you to try BCAAs. Choose your flavors:

  • California Gold (Peach Mango)
  • Galaxy Pop (Cherry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry)
  • Orchard Apple (Apple)
  • Pacific Crush (Blueberry, Coconut, Citrus)
  • Watermelon Ice (Watermelon)
  • Variety Mix (Mixed flavors)

Ingredients 101

  • Calcium from red algae is naturally occurring in Aquamin™ (see below).
  • Instaminos™ is fermented, vegan, non-GMO branched chain amino acids (BCAA). The main active ingredient in Instaminos™ is Instantized BCAA, a custom blend of 3 essential amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, and valine - proved to stimulate mTOR for protein synthesis required for healthy muscle growth and recovery.
  • Aquamin™ is derived from 100% seaweed and provides bioactive calcium, magnesium, and 72 other trace minerals. Being that it's taken from a natural source, the electrolytes in Aquamin™ absorb more efficiently, compared to some of the other sources on the market. It also has a large amount of studies showing it aids in overall absorption and replenishes vital minerals that can be lost while training.
  • AstraGin™ is a 100% natural compound composed of highly fractionated Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. Multiple pre-clinical studies affirm this ingredient’s ability to significantly improve the absorption of critical nutrients and amino acids, glucosamine absorption by 41.9%, and ATP production by 18%.

Other ingredients: citric acid, natural flavors, sucralose, silicon dioxide

Directions for use: Mix one serving (1 packet) per 8-16 ounces of cold water before, during, or after workout. BCAA can also be taken throughout the day on training or non-training days.

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