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Inspired Elite Stack

$187.00 $231.98

What's Included in the Inspired Elite Stack: AMINO + DVST8 Worldwide + CR3LGNDPROTEIN+

AMINO Vegan Essential Amino Acids (EAAs): AMINO is loaded with all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), electrolytes, and AstraGin® to help build lean muscle, and improve sports performance, hydration, and absorption.

DVST8 Worldwide Pre-Workout: This pre-workout is perfectly crafted with five core trademarked ingredients, included patented NO-3T® nitrates, Dynamine™, PeakO2®, Advantra Z®, and KannaEase™ that work seamlessly to deliver full-on pumps, clean energy, and maximum endurance.

CR3 Beyond Creatine: The perfect non-stimulant supplement designed to increase workout performance, muscle pumps, and muscle recovery.

LGND Elite Muscle Potentiator: Formulated with the most effective and patented ingredients that work together to increase performance, strength, and enduranceas well as reduce cortisol, burn fat, and build serious muscle. Our truly original plant-based anabolic is safe for both men and women to take.

PROTEIN+ Collagen and Probiotics: PROTEIN+ features an impressive blend of whey protein isolate and concentrate, collagen peptides for joint and recovery support, DE111® probiotics for gut support, and ProHydrolase® digestive enzymes to maximize protein absorption. It's the best-tasting, naturally-sweetened, and naturally flavored whey protein powder.

  • Take DVST8, CR3, and LGND (one serving of each) 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. CR3 and LGND do no not contain any caffeine or heavy stimulants, so it's safe to stack with DVST8.
  • Take AMINO before, during, or after workout. This product can also be taken throughout the day on training or non-training days.
  • Take PROTEIN+ after workout or any time of the day to meet your daily protein requirements.




DVST8 Worldwide






AMINO Flavors

  • Concord Candy (Grape Candy)
  • Galaxy Pop (Rocket Popsicles)
  • Lemon Grove (Lemon Candy)
  • Malibu Breeze (Strawberry Watermelon)
  • Orange County (Tangy Orange)
  • Sour Yummies (Sour Gummy Worms)

DVST8 Worldwide Flavors

  • Galaxy Pop (Cherry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry)
  • Malibu Breeze (Strawberry Watermelon)
  • Sour Yummies (Sour Gummy Worms)


    PROTEIN+ Flavors

    • Chocolate Cake
    • Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie
    • Vanilla Creme Cupcake