Shredded Mass Stack

Inspired Nutraceuticals

If you're tired of spending countless hours at the gym only to get subpar results, the Shredded Mass Stack is for you. We get it, there are a lot of brands promising results that never deliver. It can be difficult finding the perfect stack to aid in your road to achieving your goals. In comes LGND and Kor. Key ingredients in both Kor and LGND work synergistically to provide a boost to your metabolism/fat loss, and increase strength and endurance. Who wouldn’t want that right?!

The goal of this stack can be broken down into two areas:

  1. Cut unwanted fat
  2. Build lean muscle

The novel ingredients in LGND and Kor may give you an edge on boosting overall performance and strength, while targeting unwanted fat that you're looking to burn off. The Shredded Mass Stack is perfect for anyone looking to achieve body recomposition, or for the competitor who's looking to stay lean while improving their game, whatever it may be.

Stack includes:

  • 1 LGND
  • 1 Kor


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