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Your Goal: To get lean, to feel strong and pumped in the gym, and to recover like a pro.

What's Included in September's Stack of the Month: BCAA + CR3KOR + Shaker + Limited Edition Stickers

BCAA Fermented Vegan Amino Acids: Recovery should start the second you start training. Key amino acids help reduce lean muscle breakdown and enhance building and repair of damaged muscle tissue. Reduce post exercise fatigue and soreness. After all, you can’t put 100 percent into your next workout if you still haven’t recovered from your last workout.

CR3 Beyond Creatine: Get the scientifically-proven benefits of creatine without excess water retention. Stay lean, dry, and shredded while getting stronger every day.

KOR Thermo Complex: Multi-pathway fat loss with an increased metabolic rate and a euphoric, positive energy that will have you feeling and performing great, while melting fat 24/7.

Shaker: Our classic Inspired logo adorns a black shaker. No blender ball.  Inspired products are formulated to mix perfectly every time with no ball needed! 

Limited Edition Donut and Cassette Stickers: These super stylish stickers will not only raise your “it factor” 10x, but they are rumored to boost metabolism and increase strength and athletic performance too…. seriously, we have studies! ;)

How to Use:

  • Take KOR in the morning to kickstart fat burning and energize you for the day.
  • Take CR3 pre-training. If you do more than one training session per day, take CR3 before resistance training.
  • Take BCAA before or during workout for optimal hydration during training. Dehydration can reduce strength and endurance significantly leading to poor performance.
  • Bonus points: Put the stickers on your car, your gear, your locker, or anywhere you want to let people know you live life Inspired. Then take a picture and tag us on IG @inspirednutra for a chance to be featured on our feed!

The Results: A lean, athletic body that attacks workouts with ease. Clean energy and positive vibes all day every day while feeling strong and recovering like a pro.





BCAA Flavors

  • California Gold (Peach Mango)
  • Galaxy Pop (Cherry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry)
  • Orchard Apple (Apple)
  • Pacific Crush (Blueberry, Coconut, Citrus)