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The Top 7 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Chocolate

Posted on August 24 2018

When you set out to accomplish your heath and fitness related goals, you probably address your diet. You get rid of unhealthy foods, and make an effort to eat foods that will help you lose fat, build muscle, and perform your best.

One of the first foods that you likely removed from your diet is chocolate. It makes sense. It’s common knowledge that candy and sweets are not a healthy food choice.

But what If I told you that wasn’t exactly true? What If I told you that chocolate is one of the healthiest foods on the entire planet?

And not only is it healthy, its is one of the wolds top performance enhancing foods as well! So, what exactly make chocolate so amazing for your health and well being?

Let's go over a list of the chocolatey awesomeness, and then I'll teach you exactly how to work chocolate into your diet in a healthy way! 


1. Chocolate improves performance/work capacity and makes exercise easier. [1]

Just 14 days of eating 40g of dark chocolate per day reduced the oxygen cost of exercise by boosting Nitrogen Monoxide, commonly referred to as NO. 


2. Chocolate naturally energizes you and makes you feel more alert. [2]

One 40g piece of dark chocolate activates the brain by increasing beta waves, which make you more alert and aware of your surroundings. 


3. Cocoa has powerful anti aging effects. [3] 

Animal studies have showed significant extension in life span (11 percent!) as well preventing age related cognitive defects in older animals, maintaining mental function equal to that of much younger animals. 

Possible anti-aging mechanisms of cocoa are: protection of the cardiovascular system. The polyphenols in cocoa protect LDL “bad cholesterol” from oxidation and prevent the formation of blood clots. Cocoa increases NO which means more supple blood vessels. Finally, the polyphenols in cocoa inhibit inflammatory processes.


4. Chocolate is a powerful fat burner (seriously, chocolate burns fat!) [4]

The active compounds in chocolate, especially epicatechin, mimic and reinforce the positive effects of exercise.In fact, subjects built up conditioning faster and maintained it longer after ceasing to exercise when given epicatechin.

Cocoa flavonoids, including epicatechin, boosted the synthesis of enzymes involved in fat burning and increased the number of mitochondria in subjects.  These changes lead to greater fat burning around the clock. 

You would need an equivalent dose of about 4 tablespoons of raw cocoa per day to match the amount used in this study. 


5. Chocolate is a potent lean muscle and strength builder! [5]

Epicatechin from chocolate lowers myostatin, a protein within the body that inhibits muscle growth. Subjects who took epicatechin from cocoa for 14 days exhibited a 7% increase in strength accompanied by a 49.2% increase in the ratio of follistatin to myostatin. This means that myostatin decreased significantly, creating an environment ideal for lean muscle growth. 


6. Chocolate makes your skin look younger [6]

Daily consumption of cocoa flavanols improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Researchers concluded that cocoa flavanols may contribute to the prevention of the progression of photo-aging in human subjects.  


7. Chocolate safely mimics the effects of clenbuterol! [7]

Clenbuterol is legendary among athletes for its ability as a Beta-2 agonists. B2 agonists stimulate the beta-2-adrenoreceptor in the body, powerfully promoting the increase of muscle mass and decrease of fat mass. Unfortunately, clenbuterol is also illegal in the U.S. and banned by sports governing bodies. 

Phenols from cocoa have proven to stimulate the beta-2 receptors in a similar manner, providing athletes a safe, legal alternative to the fat burning and lean mass building effects of clenbuterol! 

OK, what now?

We've established that compounds present in chocolate do some pretty amazing things. In fact, chocolate may well be natures perfect performance food!

So, it's time to start tearing through cases of Hershey’s chocolate bars right?

Actually you could, but let's dig a bit deeper. 

It's important to look at what part of chocolate is actually providing the benefits. The benefits seen with chocolate are attributed to compounds found in raw cacao powder, which is the base of all chocolate products. Among commercially prepared chocolate products, dark chocolate tends to have the highest concentration of cocoa powder.

This is why in several studies a 40g dark chocolate bar was used to provide the daily dose of cocoa. The drawback to choosing chocolate candy bars as your source of cocoa is that they also contain comparatively large amounts of sugar and fat. You can look for bars with a higher percentage of cocoa/cacao. As the cocoa concentration goes up, the sugar content of the bar goes down.

Alternatively, you can purchase raw cocoa powder at any grocery store and add about 3 to 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder per day to your coffee, smoothies or protein shakes. 

This will save you added calories from sugar and fats, however it can be a lot of work, and raw cocoa is very bitter, so takes a little creative planning from a recipe standpoint. 

Cocoabuterol, a LGNDairy Bio-hack  

When formulating LGND, we were inspired to bring you all of the amazing, scientifically proven benefits of chocolate in the most efficient manner possible. That's why we chose cocoabuterol as the base for LGND. Cocoabuterol standardizes cocoa powder for active ingredients and removes everything that is inactive and “wastes space".  

NO calories.
NO fat.
NO carbs.


So, if you're ready to:
  • Burn body fat (enough to make a visible difference) 

  • Increase endurance so your workouts feel much easier 

  • Increase focus and natural energy improving your mood all day

  • Naturally build lean muscle (meaningful results that you can see in the mirror)

  • Get stronger and faster

  • Have younger, healthier looking skin

  • Be healthier form the inside out 


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