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Posted on May 13 2018

We've gotten some questions about the new DVST8, and if one customer has a question, then chances are, there are many more who have the same question. 

So, we put together a little Q & A to help keep everyone updated.


Q: Why is the consistency different?
The new DVST8 features Hydromax, an ingredient that works to increase endurance by optimizing hydration levels. It also boosts performance and pumps, and is a great addition. Hydromax does, however, have a slightly grainy texture, so that means that the texture and consistency of the new DVST8 will vary from the White Cut.


Q: Why is the taste different? 
With each version of DVST8, we add or replace ingredients in order to make a more effective product. Each ingredient has its own consistency and flavor profile. As such, each version of DVST8 will taste slightly different than previous versions. 


Q: How often do you change your formulas?
We are always evaluating our products and watching for new novel ingredients that may improve our offerings. Our products may, therefore, go through redesigns periodically, always in an effort to improve effectiveness.

Flavored powdered products, however, will differ in that we will often make subtle changes to the flavoring to improve the taste with each new batch. So, it's common for the flavor of new versions of DVST8 to improve steadily with each new batch.   


Q: Can I take DVST8 with Kor? 
Yes. Just assess your individual tolerance and start by taking the Kor and the DVST8 at opposite times, for example, Kor when waking, and DVST8 in the afternoon before you train.

In fact, you can take all of Inspired Nutraceuticals products together. The entire line is designed to complement one another.  This is not simply a sales pitch, but a core principle that Inspired follows. Stacking our products will enhance the effects of each of the products, and your results. 

For example, the KSM-66 in LGND reduces cortisol and enhances the effects of Kor and DVST8. 

The Aquamin in Endless and our BCAA ensure proper hydration and fluid levels for optimal performance and endurance.

The betaine in Endless increases the effects of the creatine in CR3.

And, perhaps most importantly, Astragin, a key ingredient to most of our products, helps you to absorb more of the ingredients in all of your supplements. As if that's not amazing enough, Astragin will also help you absorb more protein an nutrients from the foods you eat!

So go ahead and make a stack of Inspired Products! And when when you purchase 2 or more products, use the promo code 2ORMORE at checkout to save 15% off (excludes limited edition DVST8 X STIM).

Not sure what products to stack? Want to talk to a product specialist to get dialed in?

Email me and let's build a stack together!

-Jerry Teixeira


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