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Legendary Results - Part 1

Posted on June 03 2018


What is LGND?
You want results. I get it. Inspired gets it, that's why we're committed to formulating products that deliver results. It’s how we built our brand and likely why you shop with us. 

Why do you want results? You want to lean out and gain lean muscle, but why? 
Do you want to feel more confident? Look sexier for yourself or your significant other? 

Do you want better strength and endurance so you can set a new PR on deadlift, or dominate your next spartan race?

Think about how it feels to get results and accomplish your goals. 

The feeling of looking in the mirror and loving what you see, or seeing your partner look at you and knowing they love what they see.

The feeling of pulling that deadlift PR off the floor and locking out.

The feeling of accomplishment from putting in work and crossing the finish line at that Spartan race, muddy, bloody, and exhausted. 
Now that you have a mental picture of what getting results feels like, I want to talk to you about LGND (pronounced legend, of course), the product that is the key to you getting results.
LGND is perhaps Inspired Nutra's most powerful product, and likely, it's most misunderstood. 

You know you need your DVST8 for training intensity, you know you need to get enough protein daily, and you probably know your aminos help with recovery, but I bet you have no idea why you need LGND.

And that's unfortunate, because as cheesy as this may sound, LGND is results in a bottle.
Let me explain to you exactly what LGND does and you’ll understand why it is so powerful (and why it's my personal favorite product from Inspired).

LGND is designed to do four things that you need in order to build lean muscle and strength, burn body fat, increase endurance, and look and feel your best.

Thing 1: Increases lean muscle mass and strength my limiting myostatin [1]

Myostatin is a protein released by the body to naturally limit muscle cell growth and differentiation (the forming of new muscle cells).  

That means that no matter what you take or do to help increase muscle growth, myostatin is working to limit its effectiveness.  

By inhibiting myostatin, LGND is effectively working like a force multiplier to make all of your other lean muscle and strength gaining efforts more effective. 

Thing 2: Burns body fat through cortisol control [2][3]

LGND effectively reduces cortisol thereby limiting the damaging effects of physical and mental stress on natural hormone function.

You have probably heard the saying "stress kills", and the stress hormone cortisol is a big reason why. Cortisol can wreak havoc on your hormonal system, sabotaging your results, and your health.  

Excessive cortisol can lead to poor cognitive function, fatigue, impaired recovery from exercise,  reduced thyroid function, low testosterone, weight gain, poor sleep, and a host of other negative conditions. 

By limiting cortisol, LGND restores balance to your thyroid and adrenal glands, optimizing natural hormone levels so that your body burns fat and functions the way that it was meant to. 


Thing 3: Increases exercise performance and endurance. [4][6][7]

 LGND increases Nitric Oxide production within skeletal muscle cells for increased blood flow and oxygen delivery. This leads to increases in both strength and endurance. This increase in nitric oxide can significantly enhance stamina during high intensity exercise, allowing you to push harder for greater results.

LGND leads to Increases in VO2 Max though increased mitochondrial oxygen efficiency. In simpler terms, LGND helps you use oxygen more efficiently in muscle tissue, thereby increasing endurance and aerobic work capacity. 

Thing 4: Activates powerful anti aging genes by mimicking caloric restriction [4][5]

LGND activates SIRT-1, or the methuselah gene. This gene is responsible for many of the beneficial effects of caloric restriction and fasting.  
SIRT-1 is charged with repairing damaged DNA, and acts as a suppressor gene, keeping the wrong genes silenced. This gene suppression is believed to help prevent diseases associated with aging such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimers. 
LGND also activates PGC-1A genes which induce cells to produce more mitochondria and positively influences their development. Any diseases associated with aging such as cancer are believed to be linked to defects in the mitochondria.  
  • Lean muscle
  • strength
  • fat loss
  • endurance
  • anti aging 


Whatever your fit goals are, LGND is the key.  

But I don’t expect you take my word for it, and that's why I included all of the links to the studies to back up LGND's claims. 

LGND is the real deal, Inspired stakes our reputation on it.
If you have been impressed with the results that you have gotten with Inspired's other products, I want to challenge you to try LGND.

As a special limited time offer, you pick up LGND for only $35.00! That's 50% off! Just enter code LEGENDARY at checkout for the discount.

It’s time for legendary results, it's time for LGND.
-Jerry Teixeira


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  • James R.: June 28, 2018

    Does this promo code still work or is it expired. I was really hoping to get a chance to try it

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