One of the things that everyone loves about DVST8 is the amazing pumps that you get with it, and if you have tried it, then you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

Well, I want to let you in on a little known secret to getting even better pumps in the gym. Almost no one takes advantage of this, and it really is a shame.

You may be familiar with "nitric oxide" products, like DVST8’s Truth Matrix. They are generally the first thing that someone thinks of when wanting to get a better pump, and fuller looking muscles in the gym.

Nitric Oxide, or N.O. products, help for sure, but they only do it by relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the muscles being worked.

Now, getting more blood flow to working muscles is definitely a good thing. That increased blood flow is going to carry more oxygen, amino acids and protein molecules to the muscle.

But the secret that almost no one realizes is....

No matter how much Nitric Oxide based pump product you take, you are still missing out on the biggest contributor to massive pumps, sarcoplasmic fluid (not ectoplasmic, that's ghostbusters).

Sarcoplasmic fluid is the fluid area inside of muscle cells and it is responsible for a good amount of the volume of the muscle cell.

In short, the more sarcoplasmic fluid you have, the larger and fuller your muscles are going to be.

And the more fluid that you are able to build within your muscle cells., the better your pumps are going to be (and the fuller and denser your muscles are going to look).

But these "sarcoplasmic pumps" aren't going to be the fleeting kind that start to fade away as soon as you finish your last set.

You probably know the feeling....after a hard workout, you have a ridiculous pump going and you're feeling great as you walk out of the gym.

And for a few minutes your on top of the world, but as you're driving home, you start to get a little bummed because you know it's not going to last.

And you're 100 percent right, your super full looking muscles are going to deflate and your pump's going to leave you.

Now I am not suggesting you can keep your full pump all day. It's called a pump because you are literally pumping blood into the muscle, so the only way to keep a that full pump going would be to work that muscle 24 hours a day.

But what you can do is focus on maximizing sarcoplasmic fluid with your training. Sarcoplasmic fluid doesn't go away after you workout, like increased blood flow does.

So what you'll be left with is much better muscle cell volumization....bigger, fuller, more pumped looking muscles 24/7!

There are two things that you need to do in order to boost sarcoplasmic fluid:

1. Make sure that you train for a pump in the working muscles.
2. Make sure you are getting key ingredients before you train to increase sarcoplasmic fluid and cell volumization!

The most important ingredient for cell volumization is creatine.

You may be little hesitant to add creatine to your pre-workout routine because you've heard that "it's just water" or "you'll get fat" or "you'll get boated."

I'll address these objections right here.

1. Creatine absolutely does cause fluid retention, but it's fluid inside the muscle cells and not in fat cells. This is exactly what we want, more sarcoplasmic fluid!

2. Some people (about 10 percent) do have some gastrointestinal upset with certain forms of creatine (and this can be avoided by supplementing with CR3, a creatine hydrochloride based formula).

The truth is, creatine has more than 300 university studies behind it proving that it works.

It will make you stronger.
It will help your performance in explosive movements (like lifting).
It will directly help increase sarcoplasmic fluid and muscle pumps.

The second key ingredient that we need in order to increase cell volumization and maximize the pump are electrolytes.

Sodium, potassium, and magnesium are needed to complement creatine and ensure maximal sarcoplasmic fluid build up.

To address getting the creatine and each of the key electrolytes you need for maximal pumps and sarcoplasmic fluid, you absolutely must add creatine and sufficient electrolytes to your pre-workout routine. amazing as DVST8 is, it’s at its best when stacked with CR3.

If you want:

  • the best, longest lasting pumps of your life
  • fuller, denser looking muscles
  • more explosive strength
  • a super hydrated state for better muscular endurance
  • to have the best DVST8 experience possible

Good thing for you, we're having a BOGO sale - buy one DVST8 (stateside or international), get one CR3 for 50% off!

This deal is ends today 7/17/18 at 11:59pm MST. Use code BOGO50 at checkout before it's too late!


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