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CR3: Nitrate

Just because creatine has become an industry standard doesn’t mean all creatine supplements are created equal. While run-of-the-mill creatine powders will certainly benefit your performance, it always makes sense to go big or go home.

If you’re looking for the biggest asymmetric advantage for athletic training, CR3 is unparalleled

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CR3: Nitrate

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Creatine is the King of athletic supplements. There are thousands of ingredients on the market, all claiming to provide a unique advantage to your training routine – some of them work, and some of them don’t. The truth is that few have been thoroughly tested in a scientific environment like creatine has.

If you’re looking for an edge as you pursue your fitness goals, creatine is one of a handful of supplements that universally gets the nod of approval.

Get Yourself an Asymmetric advantage with creatine

High-protein diet and a consistent workout program are undoubtedly the most important factors involved in fitness progression. If one or both of these elements is not on point, your results will be limited.

But once you have the basics dialed in, you can begin looking at supplements – things that give you that coveted edge. In terms of muscle growth, creatine is the standard, marking the next line of fire for your supplement stack.

Creatine has undergone rigorous scientific research that's established its unparalleled ability to boost strength, body recomposition, endurance, and power – the four horsemen of weightlifting.

At this point, it is uncontroversial to suggest that as far as supplementation goes, creatine is the best bang for your buck. But here at Inspired, we decided to make it even better.

CR3 – Supercharged Creatine

So how did we make creatine an even more powerful performance aid?

Introducing CR3 – an encapsulated formula built on top of the almighty creatine, and propelled even higher with strategically-selected ingredients to optimize absorption, and even nitrate for a nitric oxide boost.


Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Cellulose (Vegetable Capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

Unleash the Power of Creatine Nitrate

2500mg of Creatine Nitrate (as NO3-T®) is a revolutionary form of creatine that marries the nitric oxide-boosting power of the nitrate group with the energy and strength-providing effects of creatine. This dual-action ingredient gives you an explosive performance boost on both the ATP AND Pump side.

Studies on creatine nitrate show it's not only effective but also safe.[1,2] Higher doses have been linked to remarkable increases in bench press peak power,[2-4] leg press strength,[3] and leg press endurance.[3]

When we added creatine nitrate to CR3, we unlocked a performance-enhancing option that simultaneously boosts creatine yield and provides more vigorous pumps.

Senactiv: Revitalize Your Cells and Boost Performance

Senactiv (50mg) is a senolytic supplement that assists your body in replacing worn-out cells (senescent cells) by accelerating their healthy demise and clearance[5]. This promotes overall well-being and growth, making it a perfect companion to your creatine routine.

•Regenerate and Grow: Senactiv encourages new cell generation, pushing your body to grow more robustly.

•Optimized for Muscle Building: Senactiv's effect occurs right in the endothelial lining of skeletal muscle cells. It's the perfect mechanism for a creatine/muscle-building supplement, with research showing enhanced glycogen replenishment and reduced inflammation.[6]

•VO2max Enhancement: Creatine doesn't always boost VO2max, but Senactiv does! Its ginseng fraction increased VO2max by a staggering 20% compared to placebo.[6] Whether you're an endurance athlete or looking to improve overall stamina, this is the boost you need.

•Synergizes with Creatine and AstraGin: Senactiv leads to 47% more citrate synthase, which is crucial for ATP production.[6] This aligns seamlessly with creatine and AstraGin for superior performance.

•Fight Free Radicals and Muscle Damage: Additional research reveals Senactiv's role in combating free radical damage, inflammation, lipid peroxidation, and muscle damage markers.[6-9]

•Faster Growth and Recovery: Senactiv helps clear old cells and stimulate new growth.[7] It can aid muscle tissue glycogen replenishment 2.7 times faster.[6] Your post-workout carbs will be more effective with CR3-driven workouts.

•Boosts Key Proteins and Genes: Research highlights an 81% increase in the Pax-7 protein and MYf5 gene with Senactiv[10], indicating satellite cell generation in muscles.

AstraGin: The Absorption Supercharger

Made from a unique blend of Astragalus membranaceus and panax notoginseng, AstraGin works magic on your body's absorption mechanisms. It operates by boosting the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls. Even more relevantly, It's been shown to boost creatine absorption by an incredible 33%.[11]

Let’s run through some of the awesome effects of AstraGin on the body:

Transporter Upregulation: AstraGin enhances absorption through upregulation of mRNA and three vital transporters:[11]

•Sodium-glucose cotransport 1 (SGLT1) for sodium-dependent glucose uptake.

•Glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT4) to maintain glucose levels.

•Cationic amino acid transporter 1 (CAT1) for moving amino acids.

More ATP Production: Beyond creatine, AstraGin can increase ATP production by 18% in HepG2 liver cells[11] - an impressive feat often overlooked, yet essential for energy and synergy with creatine.

Added Gut Health Benefits: AstraGin is not just about performance; it's also about well-being. NuLiv Science's research reveals a 73% reduction in intestinal wall inflammation[11] resulting from AstraGin supplementation, enhancing overall gut health.

Creatine, enhanced

Just because creatine has become an industry standard doesn’t mean all creatine supplements are created equal. While run-of-the-mill creatine powders will certainly benefit your performance, it always makes sense to go big or go home.

If you’re looking for the biggest asymmetric advantage for athletic training, CR3 is unparalleled.

Customer Reviews

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Such an amazing product, exactly what I wanted and these Nitrate are great

Michael W.
Very good product

Excellent results!


Stacked this with dvst8 and the combo can’t be beat. Love the fact there’s no aftertaste.

Aaron P.
I’m such a fan of

I’m such a fan of this product! I’ve been taking daily for the majority of this year and it’s been a definite positive contributor to my workouts

Shawn M.
2 cycle of CR3 with Legnd

Definitely worth the time if you have hit a wall and need to extra to break past it.


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