An emerging body of research is pointing to the unfortunate conclusion that humans are hardwired to be lazy. In short, we have a survival mechanism in us that leads us to chose the path of least resistance, not only in physical tasks, but in mental tasks as well. 

This is ironic, considering that humans are the only species to have developed the prefrontal cortex within our brains that leads to higher thought and executive function. 

We have the ability to think deeply, dream, and desire, yet we lack the drive to put our dreams into action. 

It's a sad state, really. 

It's the reason why we can't seem to constantly take action to achieve our goals.

It's why it's so hard to go to the gym once you've already gotten home from work. It's also the reason why so many of us settle into a job that we don’t like for years before finally changing to something better.

We are simply hardwired for comfort, to take the easiest path, to stay the same. 

So what do you do to overcome this? How do you take action to accomplish your goals or your dreams?

It starts with inspiration, but inspiration can be fleeting. 

That's the whole reason that I started Inspired Nutraceuticals. I struggle with human nature every day, with wanting to take the easiest path. So when I started my company, I put Inspired in the name. I knew that I wanted to build products and a company that truly meant something. 

When you're exhausted after a long day of work, or chasing your kids around all day, or studying way too late, your desire to take the path of least resistance will be the strongest. 

It’s at that moment, when you open your cabinet to grab your DVST8, that I want you to see the word Inspired. I want it to remind you that although laziness is intrinsic to our nature, achieving our dreams is the result of digging deep and finding the inspiration to make a choice that day to take another step forward, to be Inspired.

Making the best products in the world for you, and working hard for my fiancée and daughter is what inspires me. 

What inspires you when the laziness of human nature is dragging you down?

-Chris Waldrum, Owner & President

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  • Sean Johnson

    Great read, agree with you 100% Keep inspiring us all!

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