At Inspired, we love our caffeine. In fact, if you're ever in St. George, we can meet up for an espresso. 

But when it comes to fueling your workout, we've known since day 1 that caffeine just wasn’t going to cut it.  

You know the feeling - you’ve been using a new pre-workout and for the first couple of weeks, and it works great. The energy and focus in the gym are on point, your workouts are rock solid. NO matter how long of a day you had or how tired you are, the pre-workout gets your mind right and you have to tell yourself to leave the gym long after your workout should have been over because the pre-workout just won't let up.

Then usually about half way through the container, things start to change. You notice that it doesn’t have quite the same kick. You start to feel al little fatigued before the end of the workout - drive and motivation just aren’t the same. 

You're forced to up the dose on the next workout. 

By the end of the container, you’re left looking for another new pre-workout to try because the energy just isn’t there like it was when you first bought your pre.

So what gives?

Two things give:

  1. Your body is highly adaptive and is building up a tolerance to the compounds in the pre-workout you are using.
  2. The pre-workout you are using was formulated to fail.

There's nothing that anyone can do to make your body not adapt and build a tolerance to certain ingredients. 

So, what do I mean by formulated to fail?

I mean that most pre-workouts could be formatted using far better ingredients, so that you won’t adapt too quickly, but most companies won’t use them because they’re expensive and it would cut into their profit margins. 

One of the things that some poeple (other supplement companies) don’t like about Inspired Nutra is that we keep it real with our customers.

We aren’t afraid to let you in on the dirty little industry secrets that show you how most other companies try to cut corners to make cheaper products (like selling you aminos made out of duck feathers or human hair).

And most importantly, we don’t cut corners, ever.  

That’s exactly why we're launching a brand new version of DVST8. 

DVST8 White Cut was voted best pre-workout in America by, and while that was a great honor and we're really excited about the accolade, what it really did was motivate us to do better. 

We realize that making something better than DVST8 White Cut isn’t an easy job.  But we're never satisfied, it’s not in our DNA. We don’t want to make something better....we want to make something that will blow you away. 

NO compromises, NO conforming to industry norms. 

So with this as our goal, we went into the lab and started testing out various ingredients. It can get tedious - we personally beta-test every version, every slight tweak to ingredients or doses.

One scoop at a time. One workout at a time. We tested and tested for months. 

While we wanted to get the new DVST8 launched and into your hands as quickly as we could, we had to make sure that it was perfect. We had to make sure that we're having the best workouts of our lives on it, because that's the only way that we could assure you would to.

That's what it’s all about to the team at Inspired, delivering the very best products in the world to you.

So what exactly did we do to the new DVST8 to make the claim that it's the best pre-workout in the world? I'm glad you asked!


Uptake Matrix

The cornerstone to the new formula is the Uptake Matrix. This blend of two patented ingredients known as AstraGin and BioPerine increase the absorption of every other ingredient in the formula. 

So not only is the new formula better than the competition, but you absorb more of every single ultra premium ingredient in the new DVST8!

How much more? 

Studies show that the key ingredients in the new DVST8 Uptake Matrix increase absorption of:

  • Beta alanine by 26%
  • Citrulline by 45%
  • Amino acids by 41%
  • Creatine by 33%
  • B-vitamins by 250% 

But those aren’t the only things that the DVST8 Uptake matrix increases absorption of. The Uptake Matrix works by improving absorption function by reducing inflammation in the intestinal wall.  

That means that the new DVST8 helps you absorb everything better! That's right, all of your other supplements and nutrients!

Sipping aminos during workout? Absorb more with the new DVST8.

Taking creatine for optimal performance? Absorb more of that too! 

After all, it doesn’t matter how much of a supplement you take, it matters how much you actually absorb!

Now you can see why we're so stoked on this new formula!

The Uptake Matrix is the highway we paved for the delivery of the other compounds in this formula, but it's the PER4M and TRUTH matrices that are the ingredients that are going to take your performance to the highest possible level.


PER4M Matrix

PER4M Matrix contains the patented compound Dynamine.  Dynamine was chosen for the PER4RM Matrix because it gives us the benefits of caffeine without the drawbacks.

You may not know this, but caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor if the dose you use is too high. That means that your pre-workout is giving you energy and focus while restricting blood flow at the same time. 

Very counter productive, and that's why we use Dynamine. We'll let the other brands stick to excessive doses of caffeine and constricted blood flow (of course, caffeine is cheaper…now you know what their priorities are).

The next compound in the PER4M blend is N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate. The compound was chosen due to how well it complements Dynamine. 

In addition to enhancing the energy and focus that you get form the new DVST8,  this compound is also a positive mood booster.  Some users claimed it gave them a mild euphoria.  You'll leave the gym feeling like king (or queen) of the world.  

You'll definitely feel great, no matter how long your day was or how tired you are.

Last but not least is theobromine. Theobromine was chosen due to it's ability to simultaneously boost mood, energy, and blood flow. The enhanced blood flow assists the ingredients in our final matrix, the TRUTH Matrix.


The Truth Matrix

The Truth Matrix carries that name for a reason...the truth behind incredible blood flow and endurance while training are these ingredients, not arginine-based formulas which most brands use (again, because they are cheap…I know, this industry can be so dark).

The TRUTH Matrix begins with citrulline, which not only increases nitric oxide levels and blood blood flow, but has also been proven in studies to increase muscular endurance and time to fatigue

Glycerol is included as a perfect compliment to citrulline. Glycerol has an amazing ability to hyper hydrate athletes, leading to further increases in endurance as well as incredible pumps.  

Beta alanine is yet another endurance-boosting addition to the Truth Matrix. Beta alanine has been shown in multiple studies to increase endurance and delay fatigue in athletes.

We finish off the Truth Matrix with taurine, which plays a roll in preventing cramping through optimizing electrolyte balance. This is super important, as even a 3 percent reduction in hydration can lead to a 5 percent loss in strength!

Everything in the new DVST8 is there for a reason, to drop the mic on the pre-workout category. 

I know that this was a long read, but I wanted you to understand what went into bringing you the new DVST8.

At Inspired, we truly care about you, our customer. We care about your results, and we care about your hard earned money.  It’s why we are so deadset on formulating the best possible products with the most cutting edge and powerful ingredients possible, no matter the cost. 

This is why with Inspired, your money is never at risk. We stand behind our products 100 percent. If you aren’t completely blown away by the new DVST8, we will take to back and refund your money, no questions asked*.

The new DVST8 is going to sell out fast!

We're going to do every thing that we can to keep it stock as well as we can, but there are no guarantees. I highly suggest that purchase your new DVST8 when we take pre-orders next week. Stay tuned!


*Please see exchange/return policies.


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