Summer is almost here. That means that you aren’t going to be able to hide under long sleeves and jeans much longer!

In fact, its basically crunch time to get beach and pool ready.  

But even if your diet and training are on point, sometimes the fat just doesn’t come off fast enough.  

So what can you do? You have three options.  
Option 1: You can eat less. I am not a big fan of this option, if you don’t eat enough to fuel your training properly your training intensity suffers, which means your results suffer.  So it's a self-deprecating cycle.

You eat less to lean out more, but your energy levels suck, so your training is less intense, so you burn less calories and get crappy results. 
Option 2: You can train more.  If you aren’t really pushing yourself during training (be honest with yourself you know if your mailing it in), then you can up your training. You can do this two ways, you can train longer/more frequently, or you can train more intensely. 

The problem here Is balancing your training with having a life.  What good is being lean and fit if it requires so much time its like a second job?

Option 3: You can take Kor.  
I would say you could take a fat burner, but I all honesty that’s not true. Most fat burners on the market aren’t actually going to burn any noticeable fat. You’re just going to get a boost of energy, but you’ll still look the same after the bottle is empty. 
So what makes Kor special? I'm glad you asked! 
Most fat burners are designed to burn fat through one single pathway, your adrenergic system. That is, they stimulate the release of epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. 
The release of these hormones makes you feel energized and does indeed increase your calories burned. Unfortunately, your body is very smart, and quickly builds a tolerance to these types of products.

Unlike the average fat burner, Kor has been formulated using a multi-pathway approach, so it burns fat synergistically through several different mechanisms.  

Pathway 1: The Adrenergic System. Energy, focus, thermogenic. Kor harnesses the power of epinephrine and norepinephrine, but also includes ingredients to prevent the tolerance that your body builds up over time. This means Kor keeps working long after most fat burners will have quit.
Pathway 2: Mimicking Fasting. Kor has been designed to increase cAMP, a cellular signaling pathway within the body. Simply put, this cellular signal is responsible for many of the fat burning effects associated with fasting, but you still get to eat!
Pathway 3: Increase Brown Fat. All fat is not created equal. We contain very little brown fat, however, what brown fat we do have is very metabolically active. That means brown fat takes up very little space, but burns a lot of calories!  
Kor has been formulated to actually transform your unwanted white fat into fat burning brown fat!  This is extra cool because this effect gets stronger over time. The longer you take Kor, the more powerful this effect is!

In short, Kor flat out works. 

So don’t leave your results up to just diet and training when that's only two thirds of the equation! 
Time is short. Spring is winding down, and Summer is knocking on the door.

So if you want to look beach and pool ready this summer try the new Kor today!

You will love the way you look, Inspired guarantees it!

If you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with Kor we will make it right, 100 percent of the time.
-Jerry Teixeira



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