Since the dawn of time, humanity has always looked for ways to become bigger, faster, and stronger. From Greek mythology tales to modern-day gene editing, we’re always in search for more. 
It’s no secret that building muscle requires consistency, hard work, and commitment. Yes, diet and exercise play a massive role in developing lean muscle mass, but sometimes you need a little extra help.
While some people choose to use steroids to boost their performance (absolutely no judgments here), our mission at Inspired has always been to create safe and effective products for you to take.
Gaining a competitive edge, in a natural way, has always been a sort of anomaly, at least until now. This is where LGND (pronounced like legend) comes into play.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your overall performance, you can definitely benefit from adding this product to your regimen. With LGND, we’re presenting a truly original plant-based anabolic that both men and women can take.
Okay, okay, enough with the small talk. Let’s dive right into the incredible plant-powered formula:


KSM-66® Ashwagandha (800mg)

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Perhaps you’re thinking, “adapta-what?!”
Well, adaptogens are a group of plants that are used to help your body combat anxiety, stress, and fatigue. They’re called adaptogens because of their ability to adapt their function to suit your specific needs and current body state.
Adaptogens work by strengthening your adrenal glands, which control your body’s hormonal stress response. When you’re stressed, your body responds to the stressor by releasing cortisol. Your cortisol levels balance back out and your body returns to homeostasis. 
However, many of us experience a constant state of stress—chronic stress and/or consistent elevated cortisol levels can lead to weight gain, inflammation, aging, and poor digestion. Ashwagandha is a vital component in LGND to help you combat these exact problems.
Specifically, KSM-66® is the highest concentration, full-spectrum root extract available on the market today. Several clinical trials have shown that KSM-66® reduces stress and anxiety, enhances sports performance, increases muscle mass and strength, and improves thyroid function. 

VASO6™ (600mg)

VASO6™ is a green tea extract that contains specific catechins. If you’d like a refresher on catechins, we lightly covered this topic in our blog post: Matcha Protein Latte.
In regards to green tea, this powerful plant has been consumed by humans for over 5,000 years and delivers an impressive list of health benefits.

100mg Laxosterone® (100mg)

Laxosterone® is derived from Smilax Sieboldiiis, a plant that mainly grows in East Asia, South America, and North America. It’s highly valued for its content of a natural anabolic substance called 5α-Hydroxy Laxogenin (Laxogenin). 
Laxogenin is a plant-based anabolic with adaptogenic properties that may increase strength and muscle mass, increase protein synthesis by 200% to support lean muscle growth, reduce pain, and improve overall sports performance and recovery. 
While there are many fake Laxogenin suppliers out there, rest assured that Laxosterone® from Synmr Biotechnology is the most reputable source available. In fact, Laxosterone® is HPLC-tested with a verified industry-leading test result of over 90% purity levels, and possesses a handful of human studies to support its claims.
If your supplement doesn’t have the trademarked Laxosterone®, then the ingredient is generic and will most likely contain 50% or less of Laxogenin, or none at all!

Cocoabuterol® (100mg)

If you’re a devoted Inspired fan, chances are you’ve already experienced Cocoabuterol® at work with 3MB3R, our best-selling fat burner. It was also a main component in older versions of KOR and LGND, and the retired ENDLESS.
Cocoabuterol® is derived from cocoa and contains potent bioactive compounds, including N-coumaroyldopamine, N-caffeoyldopamine, EGCG, and Theobromine. These natural alkaloids have been shown to act as powerful β2 adrenoceptor agonists to support fat burning and muscle building.
Benefits of Cocoabuterol® include accelerated fat loss, increased lean mass, boosted metabolism, enhanced exercise performance, and improved cardiovascular health.

50mg AstraGin™

We’ve already discussed our avid love affair with AstraGin™ in a previous blog post, so we’ll keep this section short. Basically, this revolutionary ingredient is a 100% natural compound made up of two highly-fractionated medicinal plants, Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng. 
While the benefits of AstraGin™ are quite numerous and compelling, the most notable of these are boosting ATP production by 18%, and improving overall nutrient absorption. This means Astragin™ works synergistically with all the ingredients in LGND to be better utilized in your body.

BioPerine® (10mg) 

BioPerine® is a patented extract acquired from black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum). It’s standardized to have a minimum of 95% Piperine—a component of black pepper responsible for its pungent flavor and scent. BioPerine® is clinically-proven to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of various nutrients within the body.


Become a Living Legend

As you can see, LGND is formulated with the most effective and patented ingredients that work together to increase performance, strength, and endurance. We’re certain that you won’t find any other natural anabolic like this on the market. 

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself! With winter steadily coming to an end, that means there are only a couple more months to pack on as much lean muscle as you can before the summer shredding begins.

There’s no better time to reap the benefits of this all-natural muscle builder than right now. Stack LGND with EMBER, KOR, or DVST8 White Diamond and we’re positive that you'll demolish any plateaus that come your way.

Do you have any questions about LGND? Ask us below.

-Steffy Kieu, First Lady



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